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Feb Update

Hey there readers,

A whole month into the new year!  I’ve been terrible at keeping you blog followers updated as there’s been too much going on!  Too much to write about to have time to write about it.


It is my intention for the rest of the year to stay on top of keeping folks updated on what we’re up to.  I am going to leave the format of weekly updates and instead post on a subject- by-subject basis, so that each project gets enough attention.  It’ll be a lot of posts in one go to get everyone up to date, so we’ll see about trickling out some posts over the next week.


On the topic of blogs, we’re now starting to integrate some of our web stuff with the rest of the Agile Learning Centers (ALCs), so before too long every Endor participant will have their very own yournamehere.agilelearningcenters.org blog!  These are essentially personal wordpress (wordpress.org, that is) websites that participants can have domain over.  The way the other ALCs use these is for each student to keep a blog so as to: help the students keep track of what they’ve done, and create sharable value for the rest of the community.  The ALC-online-network is setup using Buddy Press which operates kind of like a social network.


We’ll take our time getting everyone set up, but those who want to set their site up early can do so as early as Monday, Feb 2nd.



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