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In a project brainstorming session on the 21st of January we started a project called @GuessAsheville.  @GuessAsheville is an Instagram account that posts a picture of somewhere in Asheville each day, and the followers comment their guesses on where it is.  The first winning guess wins a dollar!  Redeemable over Paypal.  The idea is that each month a different local business sponsors the account and funds the giveaways.  Endor is sponsoring for the first month as @GA builds its followership, but starting in March the outreach team will start looking for new sponsors in the local business community.


It’s been really great to see the excitement this has built up with great ideas around marketing and graphics and lots of stuff.  I don’t want to give away too much at this point, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing this project flourish.


@GuessAsheville’s first picture!




Here’s a draft of a sticker designed to promote the project.


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