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Open Space Asheville Blueprint Meeting

Steve Cooperman came in today to talk with us about Open Space Asheville, the community space where we’ll be moving March 1st.  OS AVL will be using the Blueprint of We process to govern participant-interaction with the space, so this meeting was a kind of clarifying conversation which comes from BoW.


Everyone got  to familiarize themselves with the process a little bit.


One of the big things we’re figuring out is how Endor participants will interact with the space during Endor off-hours.  OS AVL will have plenty going on in its own right, so those who want to come early, leave late, or be around on off days to use the space/resources will have the opportunity to become members – and we’re still figuring out what that’ll look like.


This is an ongoing conversation, so there’s lots more to come.


Open Space Asheville clarifying conversation.


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