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Open Space Asheville

We’ve moved!  Starting Monday, Endor is on the West side of Asheville at Open Space Asheville.  For the time being we’re in the smaller of the two buildings on the OSA campus.  It’s got a very open floor plan, so we’ve got some adjusting to do co-operating with other people and projects in the space.  I’m really looking forward to our Changup meeting later today, I expect we’ll have lots of fresh ideas for cultivating our culture now that we’ve moved location.


I think we’ve got a lot of good momentum what with the beautiful spring weather, extended hours, an improved schedule for 1-on-1’s, personal projects, and our new facilitator BRENNA!


The personal projects I’m especially excited about.  All the one-on-ones I’ve had so far have been great, with everyone setting really great short term goals.  Soon enough we’ll be seeing super interesting stuff coming out of everyone’s blogs on the ALC network site.


It’s pretty cool being right in West Asheville, has a very different feel to it than downtown.


We’ve had a couple hiccups with the new hours and starting on time, but I expect that’ll be ironed out soon enough.


We’ve now got access to lots of the equipment from Black Mountain SOLE, including a digital display!  For the Raspberry Pi!  Which we had yet another hour of troubleshooting with.  Eventually, and with a little help from Nick Rake of the Makers, we managed to reformat the chip and load on the operating system.  It’s great being in the same space as the Makers folks!


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