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Endor ALC is a intentional learning community of self-directed teenagers that come together to learn, work, and play.

Endor has evolved significantly since its inception in 2010, and this year’s vision for Endor is an intentional learning community as a self-sustaining organism, run by the participants, for the participants. Our application process will ask about your fit within this version of Endor: Is co-creating within a learning community (while also creating the community) something that you’re enthusiastic about?

Even more basically, by the participants, for the participants means that Endor cannot be something that someone does “to” you, or that you can “just” attend and experience. Endor ALC participants should be highly motivated and interested in creating this environment together. Get excited, because practice in creating your life now, even in a small community, will increase your ability to affect the world in healthy and successful ways.

We also want Endor to be a coherent and valuable way for participants to create and legitimize their education outside of a traditional school. We will be using tools developed by the Agile Learning Center Network to create culture together, support one another, and determine and document our learning. Our use of any particular tool is an evolving process, and is another reason why we’re excited for participants to step up and create with us.



Endor ALC operates as a cooperative, so day-to-day administration is done by the participants via Working Groups. We envision that Working Groups will meet regularly to manage their domain. The three current working groups are Finance, Enrollment, and Outreach, and more may be formed as the need arises. 

We use a process called Change-Up to build culture at Endor. When a community member is aware of a problem or an opportunity, they add it to the Community Mastery Board as an Awareness. Each Friday afternoon, the community brainstorms around these Awarenesses and creates Implementations to ensure the need is met. Implementations from previous meetings are briefly reviewed, and become new cultural norms as time progresses.

Membership Dues

Endor Participants pay monthly dues to pay for the space at the Puppet Studio.  The dues amount to $20 per month.  


Endor participants must be between the ages of 14 and 20. Those under 16 must be registered as homeschoolers by the state of North Carolina.


A number of advisers support Endor by participating in working groups, lending their skills and experience by teaching workshops, and modeling the processes of Agile Learning, however they are not on site at all times.

Once you’ve read the above information, fill out the application form.