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Enrollment Highlights



Flexible admissions schedule: We are currently accepting applications for general membership.

Membership Dues: We strongly aspire to be available to people based on fit, not income level, so Endor dues are kept very low.  Members pay $20 a month.

Dates: Endor is open Mondays and Thursday, 10:00 – 2:00.  Daily attendance is not required, so participants have plenty of time to delve deep into projects on their own, seek employment or volunteer opportunities, take community college classes, etc. 


Admissions Process

Step 1: Research  Visit our About page to learn more about Endor. Please read all content on the Apply page before filling out an application.

Step 2: Apply – Fill out our application (click the button on the bottom of the Apply page)!  Take some time and answer the questions thoughtfully. The application should be filled out by the participant applying.

Step 3: Interview – After you submit your application, the Enrollment Working Group will contact you about scheduling an interview. This will be a short informal interview to discuss your application and learn more about Endor.

Step 4: Parent/Guardian, Participant, and Advisers Meet – After your application is accepted, we’ll call a short meeting with you, a parent/guardian, and an Endor adviser. We’ll go over plans for the year and everyone will make explicit their expectations of each other.