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Endor History


Endor “Class Photo” 2011
Bondville, VT

Endor started out in 2010 as an annual four-day retreat for teenage Unschoolers in central Vermont.  We were associated with Not Back To School Camp, a summer camp for the same demographic.  After two years, Endor went on hiatus for a year before moving to Asheville, North Carolina, where in the fall of 2013 the project evolved into a daily popup program finding its home in various locations around downtown Asheville, including Mojo Co-working (thanks for the support, Mojo!).  In the fall of 2014, Endor opened a permanent location in a dance studio, expanded to take on more facilitators, started working with the Agile Learning Centers (ALC) network, and came under a nonprofit company, Geronimo Education.  In 2015, Endor moved across town to be a part of Open Space AVL, a community/project space.  And it’s there that Endor continues to expand its community and experiment with new ways of learning and facilitating positive culture as an official ALC!



Endor “Class Photo” 2015.
Asheville, NC

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